Mei 30, 2024

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Kapolres Bengkalis Leads Handover Ceremony for Wakapolres Bengkalis, Kabag Ren and Kapolsek Siak Kecil

Ket Foto : Kapolres Bengkalis Saat Pimpin Upaca Sertijab Wakapolres,Kabag Ren Dan Kapolsek Siak Kecil Di halaman Mapolres Bengkalis – The handover ceremony for Wakapolres Bengkalis, Kabag Ren Bengkalis Polres, and Kapolsek Siak Kecil took place solemnly today in the yard of Bengkalis Police Headquarters. The event was attended by officials and members of the Bengkalis Police on Wednesday 12 April 2023. The ceremony began with a ceremony report and continued with the taking of the oath of office by the newly appointed officials. The former Bengkalis Deputy Chief of Police, Kompol Anindhita Rizal, handed over his position to Kompol Faris Nur Sanjaya. In addition, the former Bengkalis Police Chief of Ren, Kompol David Harisman, also handed over his position to Kompol Fridolin. Meanwhile, the old Siak Kecil Police Chief, Ipda Alfan Nisfu Romadhoni, handed over his position to Ipda Eko Wahyu Nursytyawan. the new one. He also stressed the importance of maintaining togetherness and solidarity in carrying out his duties as a member of the police. The handover ceremony for this position is a form of change in the organic structure which has become something that continues to happen in order to improve the quality of police performance in carrying out their duties.